7 Best Gaming Mouse in Pakistan for 2021 (Updated)

Nowadays, people take video games seriously. Many teenagers have made gaming their profession. To pursue this, the best gaming mouse in Pakistan is used to play online FPS games, and without a decent mouse and a smoothy gaming keyboard, it will be hard for any gamer to be successful.

7 Best Gaming Mouse in Pakistan for 2020

We have selected the 7 best gaming mouse that will help you in playing games smoothly.

1. SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

Steel Series Rival 600 offers players the world’s most developed double sensor framework, TrueMove3 optical sensor gives a genuine 1: 1 tracking, while the committed optical profundity sensor accomplishes the least and most precise game separation identification.

The Rival 600 features a selective focus of gravity control. The amazing 32-piece ARM processor gives low dormancy and 60 million mechanical buttons with a single tick and a tough silicone grasp ensures long life. Rival 600 was created for proficient competitors and is an absolute necessity for aggressive games.

Our auxiliary sensor takes into consideration the last modification when the sensor stops and tracking begins when the mouse is raised. Never move pointlessly when you get and place the mouse.

Key Specification
  • The left/right fastens have a progressive strengthened part framework that offers the best gameplay.
  • 60 million restrictive mechanical keys guarantee that a wide range of presses is precisely executed.
  • The ergonomic plan is epic.
  • Each part of the Rival 600 structure meets the players’ thorough comfort requests.
  • Whether you utilize a grasp handle or a palm hold, the shape gives ideal comfort to long and extreme game sessions.
  • Steel Series offers an assortment of motor applications that make it simple and intuitive to modify 8-zone RGB lighting.
  • With Discord and Game Sense applications, you can get warnings, occasions, and more in-game.
  • Rival 600 is the extraordinary mouse we’ve at any point set.
  • It quickly felt incredible and was formed flawlessly on your hands.
  • The sensors felt light.
  • Our objective is 10x more precise than all the privateer mouse and Razer you utilized.
  • RGB looks great.
  • Exploring the program was not hard for me and didn’t appear enlarged or delayed on the PC.
  • It’s an ideal mouse inside and out and has, in a split second improved you in the games you love.
  • R + L taps on the front are a bit of plastic isolated from the body, which means your fingers are less inclined to be set on the buttons.

So, if you move a specific separation on the mouse cushion, the very same separation will be shown on the screen. Modify your concentration with 256 distinctive weight gatherings to accomplish the ideal harmony between your style and ongoing interaction.

  • Magnificent esports sensor
  • Cable length is near 6 feet
  • Stunning design
  • Elegant look
  • Quick sensitivity
  • Tested to 60 million clicks
  • Durable
  • Support is terrible

2. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse

The G400 Gaming Mouse ascends from its heart and improves it, more grounded and quicker. The new Fusion, select to Hyperion Fury, offers optimizing speeds, so your rivals don’t have the foggiest idea what has befallen them.

8 programmable buttons and 4 DPI settings permit exact focusing on and fast access to the easy route key. The Delta Zero sensor, Hyperion Fury gives you the speed and quality you have to miss a challenge.

Key Specification
  • The rapid combination is astounding. Select Fusion and Delta Zero sensors enable you to precisely and dependably track at speeds no other mouse can deal with – up to 10 meters for each second (420 dpi).
  • 8 programmable buttons with inward memory. Customize your gaming background with programmable buttons that you can spare in Hyperion Fury worked in for most extreme speed and availability.
  • Converse with a partner and run a multi-direction full scale or a downsized DPI large scale with a single tick snappy triggers.
  • The discretionary Logitech gaming programming makes it simple to set up directions.
  • Right away evacuate the ideal pixel stories or change too fast moves with greatest accuracy.
  • Look from 4000 to 250 dpi initially, allowing you the chance to prevail in battle mess.
  • Utilize the Logitech gaming programming to set a fifth DPI setting and alter the experience as you like.
  • A phenomenal 32-piece ARM processor.
  • The Hyperion Fury coordinated processor controls the Fusion for following stunning velocities.
  • It additionally works with Logitech gaming programming to enable you to define and appoint macros that you can without much of a stretch access.
  • Logitech has refreshed the great state of the G400 to arrive at another degree of improved comfort.
  • Lightweight materials and amazingly low rubbing feet guarantee that your play sessions keep going as far as might be feasible.

The Hyperion Fury sensor gives accuracy that no other gaming mouse can provide. The G402 offers incredible smoothness in light signals, pixels per pixel, or vigorous activities, for instance, if the foe shocks you and requirements to pivot in a matter of moments.

  • Fantastic FPS gaming mouse
  • Sensational looking gaming mouse
  • Fast, responsive mouse
  • Rated as the world’s fastest mouse
  • 8 programmed buttons
  • USB option available
  • Firmware failure is seen

3. Logitech G102 IC PRODIGY Gaming Mouse

Incredible mouse with extraordinary shading revolution! Decent and changed for work and play. The G102 is ideal for CS: GO and Overwatch. We moved from MX518 to G5 and now to G102. We attempted to discover something simple, and we originally got the Wireless G602, yet it was somewhat overwhelming even with an AA lithium battery.

So we utilized G102 for our PC at work and G102 for your PC to play. It was an excellent choice since we needed something like the MX518 and simple enough for FPS games. The Logitech G5 (extraordinary as well) was somewhat substantial even without additional loads, yet the G402 has the ideal match for you.

Key Specification
  • The sensor reacts quite well and the shape is wonderful for long game sessions. We suggest the G102 as a decent option in contrast to the MX518 or G5.
  • Following half a month of utilizing G102, your hand creates excruciating spasms.
  • Your finger ring is uncomfortable in the mouse because of the little lip and most likely prompts hand issues.
  • The body of the mouse is excessively near your hands; however if your hand isn’t so solid, you will like the state of the mouse.
  • The mouse itself is decent and simple to hold. It is simple and straightforward to move and can be followed well with the right beginning sum.
  • The G102 is as of now conveying somewhat better outcomes – following two energizing years, the correct mouse catch loses its material hop, so we inadvertently double tap on things, capital punishment for anybody playing FPS games.
  • Great structure and sensational execution.

We won’t purchase Logitech mouse any more in light of normal issues that have not been settled or even settled. It would be a 2-star rating for all the disappointment you’ve caused throughout the years, however, Logitech’s customer care is incredible and they are quickly sending other options.

  • Stunning Ergonomic mouse
  • Striking design
  • Super high-quality
  • Full palm grip
  • Great gaming mouse
  • Smooth and responsive
  • Bit slow mouse

4. Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

The Logitech gaming mouse (G 300s) is quite similar to previous models, but it is smoother and has an easy user interface. At any rate, every one of the buttons is available if it isn’t extremely viable.

There are no thumb buttons, which implies that the nine fastens adequately rest with the pointer and center finger. Some are all around set and decent, others very little. In any case, it is a lot quicker and simple to use than composing, which is significant.

Something else, the mouse is extremely charming. The program introduces effectively and is anything but difficult to utilize.

Key Specification
  • From the outset, we were doubtful about the buttons, yet we have a lot of issues squeezing the buttons on the mouse.
  • It was somewhat hard to quit working, yet sooner or later everything was fine.
  • This mouse definitely gives an improvement in your presentation in the game.
  • We dropped this thing off the love seat around multiple times and still work with no issue. There is no optical mouse for games.
  • The plan of this mouse is abnormal to me yet not exhausting. It’s entirely decent for my hands.
  • The wire is excessively long, and since you utilize a PC, this has been a disturbance.
  • We shot some of them and tied them up with a slanted and settled tie.
  • The main thing (other than the weight) that we want to utilize this mouse is to incorporate its product in the bundle. It’s not.
  • We need to think that it’s on the web, download it and with the internet, it’s somewhat significant.

The shade of the LEDs can be changed as an afterthought. Its light moves tenderly. All buttons are strong and have a positive reaction. This works very well for games just as for less exceptional use and word handling.

At the cost, it won’t be savage to incorporate a plate or if nothing else a few guidelines to realize where to discover the product.

  • Classic masterpiece
  • Nine controlling buttons
  • Perfect for FPS gaming
  • Gaming sensor is fantastic
  • Sensitive and responsive mouse
  • Compact shape
  • Software drivers are pathetic

5. Ergonomic M607 Gaming Mouse 7200

M607 the ideal gaming mouse for gaming PCs – Ergonomic M607 RGB gaming PC mouse with backdrop illumination and up to 7200 dpi and 10 GB.

Key Specification
  • 7 awesome programmable MMO buttons and 5 memory profiles, each with an exceptional LED shading alternative.
  • 7 diverse backdrop illumination modes. The backdrop illumination can be debilitated.
  • With the Redragon M607 Gaming Mouse, you can tweak your workstation and gaming framework.
  • Give an entirely decent and exact PC gaming background like Fortnite Games, World of Warcraft, PUGB, Overwatch, Call of Duty or other first individual shooter games.
  • The ergonomic state of the Redragon M607 PC gaming mouse is decent and accommodates your hand.
  • The M607 mouse includes a non-slip parchment haggle delicate foot cushions for ultimate gaming control.
  • 7 programmable buttons.
  • An aggregate of 8 buttons.
  • The mouse works incredibly with Redragon gaming mouse cushions and consoles. 6-meter twisted fast fiber link and gold-plated, consumption free USB connector for dependable associations.

The high-quality sensor conveys precision, while smaller-scale gaming keys guarantee life span, life span, and most extreme responsiveness, giving you a more noteworthy bit of leeway over your rivals.

  • Stylish ergonomic gaming mouse
  • Smooth and responsive
  • Flawless performance
  • Stunning RGB lighting
  • Epic gaming mouse for FPS games
  • Adored by most of the professional gamers
  • Bad support

6. Redragon Phaser M609 Wired USB Gaming Mouse-3200 DPI 

Redragon Phaser is a famous gaming mouse for quick responsiveness and stylish ergonomic design. 8 mm wide back elastic wheel. The shape and position of the parchment wheel are enhanced for concurrent development of the pointer from the left catch to the wheel.

The tight surface of the upper catch decreases unintentional wounds. High accuracy optical sensor.

The estimation of the DPI worth is the estimation of the DPI esteem.

Because of the all-encompassing foot zone, the fair height of the foot, and the ideal position, the mouse moves all the more productively.

Key Specification
  • Top-notch ergonomic gaming mouse with high DPI esteem at its cost. Forceful structure and decent backdrop illumination. Incredible for amateurs or progressed.
  • The backdrop illumination is consistently in beat mode.
  • The plan gives a better grasp to gamers with huge hands since this mouse is enormous contrasted with a typical mouse.
  • The single tick DPI arrangement is the most trademark highlight of FP games.
  • The stable activity even at rapid.
  • Cursor speed control: The cursor speed can be set with any mouse button. 4 DPI levels are bolstered and can be redone as a level to meet your requirements.
  • It’s anything but difficult to state this is a rodent that triples its expense. To begin with, the shape isn’t the first form of the star g102/g mouse, yet a slight takeoff.
  • It has improved the state of the g102.
  • RGB is somewhat heavier; however, it might be because of the expansion in weight inside or on the RGB plastic diffuser inside.

The main drawback is that it has a PMW3325 sensor with a most extreme following velocity of up to 100 points, or about 2.54 m/s. That is not terrible, yet not great either. Be that as it may, most players won’t arrive at these rates, regardless of whether they utilize low affectability. Perhaps the experts of the top class will meet it very sometimes.

You will be pleased with this mouse and a great incentive for cash.

  • Superb LED-backlit mouse
  • The RGB lighting is impressive
  • Stunning look
  • Optical sensor with high precision
  • The excellent grip of the mouse
  • Awesome for online gaming
  • Stops working after one month

7. Theshy ZELOTES T-60 7200DPI Professional USB Wired Optical 7 Buttons

The affectability and quality of the reaction have additionally been improved. Utilizing the mouse makes the PC simpler and quicker as opposed to having an awkward console.

Key Specification
  • A reasonable size is appropriate for logical structure palm size.
  • The mouse can be isolated into a mechanical and an optical mouse as indicated by various working standards.
  • The mechanical mouse, for the most part, comprises a pivoting ball, a roller shaft, and a network signal sensor.
  • At the point when you drag the mouse, the ball turns. Ball Spin Roller.
  • Photoelectric heartbeat sign created. At the point when you drag the mouse, the ball turns.
    Ball Spin Roller.
  • The photoelectric heartbeat sign produced by the grid signal sensor introduced toward the finish of the drum mirrors the vertical and flat removal of the mouse and afterward goes through the PC.
  • Handling and change programs to control the development of cursor bolts on the screen.
  • Rich and excellent make your PC work area much increasingly delightful.
  • The base of the mechanical mouse has no wheel taking after the vertical plate, yet utilizes a colloidal ball that can be abounded in four ways.
  • As the ball turns, you will press a couple of pivoting segments. Toward the finish of the pivoting shaft is around the back wheel.
  • The conductive metal layer joined to the decoder wheel is in direct contact with the brush. At the point when the pivoting shaft turns.
  • The sturdy mouse can be utilized for quite a while, won’t be terrible, modest, and moderate.
  • Center point mouse and sensor mouse are generally utilized in workstations.
  • Turn the little ball in various ways or slide your finger on the sensor board.

The presentation moves, the substitution of the photovoltaic guarantees more noteworthy quality, quicker speed, and incredible execution.

  • Striking and appealing look
  • Ideal gaming mouse in low budget
  • Smart, innovative technology is used
  • Durable and elegant
  • Smooth usage in games
  • Variety of different colors
  • Perfectly fits your palm
  • Perfectly fits your palm
  • Bad quality


These were the 7 best gaming mouse of 2020. We hope that you will choose the best one for you. We recommend going with Steel Series as it is more capable of playing FPS games along with gaming laptops, and gamers rated Steel Series the best mouse makers.
I hope that you enjoyed our article.

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