Best Mobile Phones Under 5000 In Pakistan for 2021

Finding a new mobile is tricky now because there are tons of mobile manufacture every month. Brands have a tough competition to win the market by giving a valuable phone to their users.

But in this post, we will share with you the 3 best smartphones under 5000 Rupees. As we know, this price range is lower than average, but on our reader’s demand, we have found our best mobiles at this affordable price.

Best Mobile Phones Under 5000

Before start talking about the best mobiles under 5000, let me clear these phones come with minimum features as they are cheap phones. We can’t imagine playing PUBG or record movies in 60 FPS on these affordable phones.

But it can be beneficial to give someone as a gift, use for Whatsapp/ Facebook. It can be used as an internet router.

1. Qmobile Noir W20

Qmobile Noir W20

Qmobile is a Pakistani-based consumer electronics company that produces mobile phones and electronics. Qmobile Noir w20 was launched back in June 2016. At that time, Qmobile was a trendy and top-selling brand in Pakistan. Noir w20 comes with a fast, Quad-Core processor, which is quite appropriate within 5000 prices.

It looks very nice and a better experience phone. It comes with a 5.1 Lollipop android version, which means we can use Whatsapp easily without using any third-party software. As Whatsapp has declared, there will be no support for the android 4.1 or the lower one.

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A 3G mobile phone to use the internet sharply along with 2 Sims slots. Screen Size is 4.0, which is easy to carry out or to keep in a pocket. Built-in 4GB memory with 512 Ram to play with different apps.

Qmobile Noir W20 Specification

Screen Size 2 MP
Camera 4.0 inches
Memory 4GB built-in, 512MB RAM
Android Version Android V5.1 (Lollipop)
Data 3G
Price 4100 Rupees
1. Affordable Price
2. Easy to carry
3. Android 5.1 not too old
1. The screen size is a little bit short
2. 512 MB ram mostly discourages in smooth running

2. Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS300

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS300 Mobile

Mobilink Jazz, the most famous cellular company in Pakistan. They produced not so many phones but a few ones. One of them is Mobilink Jazz Xplore js300 is available to buy just in 4000 Rupees.

Not only is it a great phone packed with the internals and a 1.0 GHz Dual-Core processor, but you also get the best cheap mobile in 4000 right now. It comes with 4GB Memory and 512 Ram, same as Qmobile Noir w20. Android KitKat 4.4 non-upgradable used in Jazz Xplore Js 300. The main Camera is based on 2MP with LED flash. The battery capacity is around 1300mAh.

Also, check the detailed specification below!

Mobilink Jazz Xplore JS300 Specification

Screen Size 2 MP
Camera 3.5 inches
Memory 4GB built-in, 512MB RAM
Android Version Android V4.4 (KitKat)
Data 3G
Price 4000 Rupees
1. 1.0 GHz Dual Core Process
2. 3G Supported
3. Micro SD Card supports up to 32GB
1. Screen Size 3.5 which is very smaller to watch movies
2. The camera result is weak

3. Calme Spark S15

Calme Spark S15 Mobile Phone

A Mobile that comes from not a big brand but a reasonable smartphone to use at an affordable price.

It launched in September 2015. Calme Spark comes with a 1.5Ghz processor to use it smoothly during use. Internal memory 512 as the above ones along with 4GB Ram. Android KitKat 4.4.2 operating service is serving in Calme spark s15.

The main camera is a little bit improved than Qmobile Noir w20 and Jazz Xplore. Price is very affordable and easy to buy.

Calme Spark S15 Specification

Screen Size 3 MP
Camera 4.0 inches
Memory 4GB built-in, 512MB RAM
Android Version Android V4.4.2 (KitKat)
Data 3G
Price 4200 Rupees
1. 3.0 Main Camera with 1,5 front selfie camera
2. Auto Focus Camera
1. 4.2 Operating system is old

I hope these phones under 5000 rupees will affordable to anyone to buy with the shortage of money. Still, if you’re looking for gaming, go with Gaming Laptops to play PUBG and GTA V.

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