The 7 Best Gaming Keyboards in Pakistan (Updated 2021)

Believe it or not, it was really difficult for us to extract out the best and most relative information regarding the best gaming keyboards in Pakistan.

It is well known that the sale of gaming keyboards is really on hype because every gamer is on the run for making new, updated, and upgraded gaming computers.

Fill your apatite by knowing and examining the best keyboards from our list. Complete your gaming set along with the gaming mouse by choosing any one of the following.

Keep in mind while buying a keyboard, it may matter to you along with the specifications whether the keyboard has simple color backlit or RGB, a mechanical keyboard, or has membrane switches.

I know you want a gaming keyword that is responsive, precise, super- pretty, and modern.

Just don’t worry about the budget because our suggestions won’t be heavy for your pocket either would they be disappointing. We assure you about this!

Presenting you the list of the most widely used and tested keyboards for gaming in pa which comes with fantastic prices and tremendous features. They will for sure not disappoint you from any aspect!

Best Gaming Keyboards in Pakistan

Here are the best gaming keyboards you can buy in Pakistan:

1. B820R- RGB Animation Gaming Keyboard

B820R- RGB Animation Gaming Keyboard in pakistan

Let’s know what bloody gaming has done for us. It doesn’t just provide the service of being top of a line Gaming input device brand but also provides the most authenticated, researched, and developed designs of its products. Its products are keyboards, mice, audio accessories, etc.

Talking about the Keyboard B820R, firstly it is a Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard having black Gunmetal color. The exclusive switch design of B820R speed and precision of optical technology with a premium tactile key-feel.

[su_box title=”Key Specification” box_color=”#0066cc” title_color=”#ffffff”]

  • No. 1 Light Strike
  • Preloaded 6RGB Lighting Effects
  • LK sound creator tech
  • Ultra-durable, 100 million lifetime
  • Sharable RGB Customized Animation
  • Gunmetal Aluminium Alloy Panel
  • 100% Key Rollover
  • Smart Water -flow system


It features optical key switch technology for zero digital latency and the fastest key response for competitive gaming (0.2ms). It has a clear RGB which chooses from over 16.8 million colors for per-key backlighting through the included bloody software. Neither does it distract the gamer from the ng session.

It uses a nano-coating layer that is highly resistant to spills, slashes, and spouses. Switches can be popped out for thorough cleaning. considering its premium built quality, it has brushed aluminum alloy, anti-slip support, and a liquid artery drainage system which helps in keeping the laptop in tip-top condition.

Bloody assures you that the keycaps won’t rub off during long gaming sessions. Each key lasts over 100 million presses (66.6% more than mechanical switches). You can switch up your style by choosing from the linear styles of B820R.

Its Aircraft- Grade Aluminium Alloy Panel gives a cutting-edge design with stronger resistance to corrosion. To stay safe from accidental spills, drainage is provided by the Engineered Artery System.

Complex key combinations are executed by N-Key rollover and 100% Anti-Ghosting. Its dimensions are 17.5× 5.2× 1.5 inches. eight of the item is 2.34 pounds. The shipping weight is 2.38 pounds. The manufacturers are A4Tech -Bloody.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#37bf6c”]

  • No battery is required.
  • 0.2ms key response.
  • 25% faster keystrokes.
  • It has a self-customized RGB.
  • It has self-resistant nanocoating.


[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf3737″]

  • If the software doesn’t run, any of the nifty gadgets cannot be used


2. Redragon K501- 7 Color LED Backlight

Redragon K501- 7 Color LED Backlight keyboard in pakistan

Are you fond of playing games on a computer but have a low budget?

Do you want a keyboard that has 7 colors LED backlight, more than a hundred keys, is splash resistant, and what more?

Are you amazed by the newest changes and development in gaming accessories but are unaware of the knowledge?

Just don’t get tensed and start looking for the gaming products of RED DRAGON I.e. mouses, keyboards, audio accessories, etc. We recommend and believe RED DRAGON because of its reasonable prices and quality products and services.

It uses a black and red theme for its keyboards and is recognized worldwide. It provides the best quality at the lowest prices.

[su_box title=”Key Specification” box_color=”#0066cc” title_color=”#ffffff”]

  • 7 colors backlighting
  • Adjustable backlight brightness
  • The adjustable pulsing rate for LED light
  • 104 standard keys
  • 32 conflict-free key options
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • 2 macro playback speed options
  • Interchangeable “¡ô ¡ö ¡õ ¡÷” keys and “WASD” keys
  • WIN keys can be disabled when gaming
  • Splash resistant
  • 6ft nylon braided USB cable


Now coming back to our topic, let’s just consider the keyboard model K501 by RED DRAGON.

The obvious features of REDRAGON Asura K501 are that it has 7 color backs lighting, adjustable backlight brightness, LED light with adjustable pulsing rate, WIN keys which can be disabled while gaming, it is splash resistant, and last but not least, it has a USB cable which is made up of braided nylon and is 6ft which makes is less tangible and enhances the quality.

Talking about the keyboard which is not mechanical but is fit for gaming has 104 standard keys,12 multimedia keys, 32 conflict-free action keys, 8 programmable macro keys,2 macro playback speed options, interchangeable keys, and WAST keys.

Just not this, K501 has a metal plug, a rubber pad, and has a support frame. The design is unique and waterproof, saving the Keyboard from spills and splashes, etc. The material used is ABS material.

Horizontally, it is 19.3 inches/ 43 cms which can easily fit on your lap or your table. And vertically, it is 22 cms/ 8.6 inches. The height of the keyboard is 4.5cm/1.8 inches. So the concluded dimensions are 19.7× 8.3×1.2 inches.
It weighs 1.8 ounces.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#37bf6c”]

  • Low price
  • More than 100 keys


[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf3737″]

  • It is not mechanical


3. Bloody B188 8-Key Light Strike Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

B188 8-Key Light Strike Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Seems like BLOODY is really on the ramp. Whenever we look for the best options, we end up choosing BLOODY accessories (mouses, keyboards, audio accessories, etc.), not because they are best in quality but also that they are reasonable and are updated.

The market is at its full competition but somehow BLOODY always wins the race. Considering the fact that gamers need to change their gaming set more often or some keep it classy by completing their gaming sets by only buying BLOODY.

[su_box title=”Key Specification” box_color=”#0066cc” title_color=”#ffffff”]

  • 8 Linear optical-mechanical switches based on QWER+ASDF gaming cluster
  • Tri-color backlit LED lets you switch between blue, dark blue, or green by just pressing a button
  • Water-resistant holes which save the keyboard from accidental splashes and spills
  • Accuracy and durability due to Balanced Reinforced Space Bar
  • Dimensions of the product are 18.3×6.1×1.3 inches
  • The weight of the product is 1.8 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 2.15 pounds
  • Manufactured by A4Tech


The next keyboard on our list is the BLOODY B188 8-Key LIGHT STRIKE (LK) Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Its manufacturers are A4Tech.

As Mechanical switches are outdated, you need to gear up and change your keyboard and upgrade to the bleeding-edge tech.

It has 8 gaming keys (QWERASDF) and the response rate is the fastest.

YES! IT IS 0.2mm. The rest of the keyboard has high-quality membrane switches to keep the gamer upgraded for functioning.

B188 has lighting fast precision. It has a full-sized layout with N-key Roll Over. Not just this, it has the Anti-Ghosting software.

You now don’t need to worry if water or any other liquid accidentally spills on your keyboard because as the rest of the products BLOODY B188 is waterproof. It has 6mm thick water-resistant boundaries around all the Light Strike optical switches.

B188 offers you Tri-color backlight options. Through this, gamers can set up their choice of three backlight colors. Keydominator2 software offers more upgrades.

As mentioned before, every millimeter and millisecond counts for a gamer while gaming that is why BLOODY has a 25% decreased switch distance ( compared to 4mm). Along with this, the keyboard includes 8 Non-Slip Silicon Gaming Caps contoured for Textured Grip.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#37bf6c”]

  • It has 3 years warranty
  • It has an affordable price
  • It has an optical keyboard switch
  • It has photo resistor movable switches


[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf3737″]

  • Some features are over aggressively advertised and it is a turn down for the customers.
  • Price may be higher for some buyers.


4. BLOODY B318 8-Key Light Strike (Lk) Semi Optical

8-Key Light Strike (Lk) Semi Optical GAMING KEYBOARD

If you are a gamer and tired of changing the Keyboard and other accessories and still find it difficult to choose a perfect design and device to complete your gaming set, don’t worry because we will provide you with the best of knowledge and best of suggestions. Don’t get worried about your budget because the best decision made once will prove fruitful.

Are you tired of the basic mechanical keyboards and need a new design with modern and developed features?

Then do not think twice and opt for BLOODY B318. YES! It is true that Bloody has never disappointed its customers in providing the best gaming accessories such as mouses, keyboards, audio accessories, etc. and we assure you that BLOODY never comprises over the quality. You get what you paid for!

[su_box title=”Key Specification” box_color=”#0066cc” title_color=”#ffffff”]

  • The dimensions of the Keyboard is 19.7×9.7×2 inches.
  • The item’s weight is 2.7 pounds while shipping its weight is 2.8 pounds.
  • It has Light Strike (LK) Switch Technology.
  • It has 0.2ms key latency.
  • The Actuation of 1.5mm and the total travel distance is 3mm.
  • The actuation force is 50+- 5 cN.
  • It has tactile and linear feedback.
  • It has waterproof nanocoating.
  • It has a per-key stabilization bar.
  • It has an anti-ghosting feature.
  • It has RGB backlighting and per-key lighting.


Now starting from the basic features, Bloody B813 8-Key Light Strike (LK) Semi-Optical Mechanical Keyboard comes in black color ( bloody’s basic color theme is red and black) with a full-sized layout with 9 dedicated macro keys. This key provides basic control and versatility.

So get your hands on bleeding-edge technology!

For the competitive gamers, it provides the undisputed fastest key switch with its 8-Key Light Strike Optical Switch Technology. More of it, it has a water-resistant Nano coating and 100 million-plus per key switch lifespan for light strike keys. The water-resistant layer is 6mm thick and saves the internal from spills and splashes and the protected PCB avoids any electrical damage.

For total control, it has tri-color backlighting combined with bloody gaming software. You can change the color according to your set-up. More configuration options are offered by Keydominatior2 software.

Do not worry about the switch response. Bloody offers the fastest switch response which 0.2ms because Bloody know that for a gamer, while gaming, every millimeter, and millisecond count. The laptop has an all-digital zero-latency switch which means a gamer has 1:1 raw input.

The infra-red optical beam reduces the travel distance which gives a shallow stroke to increase the reactive return of the keystrokes for gamers. The gamer stays one step ahead of the opponent.

Considering the other features, it has a reinforced space bar stabilizer for consistent key feel, and 8 Non-Slip silicon gaming caps contoured for textured grip helps the gamer to have a firm grip over the keys.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#37bf6c”]

  • The laptop is water-resistant.
  • It has macro keys.
  • It has anti-ghosting feature.


[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#e07878″]

  • It is not user- friendly.
  • It is expensive for some users.


5. Fantech K611-USB Wired Gaming Membrane Keyboard


Don’t you feel awkward to see a new product on our list? Yes! You must be because it deserves to be on our list. If you feel that the other keyboards mentioned above were out of your range or were not your preference, then you can check out the details of this product that we are going to discuss.

We are well aware of the fact that a gamer is always in need of a new item which might be a mouse, a keyboard, a joystick, or any audio device. We are glad to tell you that your worries will be over till you reach the end of this article.

[su_box title=”Key Specification” box_color=”#0066cc” title_color=”#ffffff”]

  • The brand of the keyboard is FanTech and its material is ABS.
  • It does not support the Bluetooth version.
  • It has a wired connection.
  • There are 84 keys.
  • It has a USB 2.0 interface.
  • The keyboard lifetime is 50 million times.
  • The response speed is 1000 Hz.
  • The type of keyboard is the membrane keyboard.
  • The weight of the product is 0.7100 kg.
  • The size of the product is 14.25 × 5.43× 1.42 inches.
  • The size of the package is 15.16 × 6.42× 1.57 inches
  • It has a blue switch which is suitable for both gaming and typing.
  • It is easy to use for plug and play.
  • It has a classic floating design for a great hand feel.
  • It has an Aluminum plate design.
  • It is waterproof saving the keys from accidental water slips and splashes.
  • In certain cases, the water will drain below from the two small tubes placed at the bottom.
  • It has anti-slip feet which help the keyboard to stay on the table or on the lap.
  • Each part of the keyboard has a different color that makes 3 parts of the keyboard and 3 colors.
  • The lighting colors are changeable.
  • Its color is black.


Manufactured by FanTech, the K611 keyboard has backlit floating keys with a multimedia gaming keyboard with a chroma backlighting tournament.

A plus point is that its RGB lights give the expressions of being super expensive but hey, don’t worry, they are not expensive. Yes, we assure you that the RGB LIGHTS are cheap but to the best of their qualities.

Secondly, being a metal keyboard, it is not heavy and its weight is just right. It has a total of 87 keys and 19 anti-ghosting keys. The keystroke lifetime is unbelievable! Which are 8 million?

For a gamer to have convenient volume control and media playback, K611 has easy access media keys.
The trigger pressure of the FanTech floating switch is 45g. And another advantage for its gamers, that there will be no windows pop-up because there is a Windows-Key Lock.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#37bf6c”]

  • The keyboard is easy to use.
  • It is a customized keyboard with macro programming.
  • It has an anti-jamming ring design with a length of 160 cm to connect the signal accurately.
  • It is user- friendly.
  • No windows pop-up.


[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf3737″]

  • It does not support the Bluetooth version.


6. Bloody B328 – Light Strike Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

B328 – Light Strike Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Seems like BLOODY wants to rule over the gaming market as most of its products are on our list. Not just because BLOODY has been providing its high-quality services for the last 30 years but also it has a variety of products.

Whether you talk about mouses, keyboards, or audio accessories, etc., It seems like BLOODY is really concerned with its customer’s demands and preferences while designing or launching a new product.

As mentioned before, BLOODY is really worth it. And do not worry about the prices, you get what you paid for! WITHOUT ANY FALSEHOOD!. As we are well aware that BLOODY’s theme is black and red and it’s latest launched or the updated products have mostly the same features that are upgraded and are always wanted by the market.

[su_box title=”Key Specification” box_color=”#0066cc” title_color=”#ffffff”]

  • Optic keys- Q/W/E/R/A/S/D/F
  • 0.2mm Optical key response
  • It has a multimedia hotkey
  • It has neon glare backlit
  • It has 8 ABS keycaps
  • It is doubled secured and is water-resistant
  • Its space bar is screw enhanced
  • It has a USB connector
  • Its cable length is 1.8m
  • Its system requirements are Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8/8/8.1/10 or later
  • The dimensions of the product are 18.3× 8.1×1.4 inches
  • The weight of the product is 1.94 pounds
  • The shipping weight of the product is 2.38 pounds
  • It is manufactured by A4Tech


So let’s look upon our next item on the list, which is BLOODY B328. It is a Light Strike (LK) Mechanical Gaming Keyboard which comes in Black color. It is sold by A4Tech- Bloody.

For a gamer, every millisecond and millimeter counts. BLOODY B382 has the fastest key response which is 0.2mm. Seems like this feature is found in every laptop of BLOODY. Not just this, the optic switch needs 1.5mm acuate 30% faster than traditional metal switches. The metal switches generally need 2.2mm to acuate.

Talking about efficiency, this laptop reacts at light speed with zero lag. Compared with the traditional metal switches which delay 18~30ms due to metal bouncing.
The Light Strike (LK) Optic switch has 100 million lifetimes due to ultra-durability. This means LK optic switches last for 100 million keystrokes.

Another advantage that you get is that you get a prolonged lifetime of the keyboard because of its double secured water-resistant feature. It has electronic sealing and a water drain hole which protects the intern from water splashes and spills.

You can also change the game mode by pressing Fn+F8 which will disable the “Windows” key to avoid interruption while gaming. For longer comfort usage, there are 8 ABS keys having keycaps.

If you are tired that the keyboard slips or vibrates while gaming then B328 provides Anti- Slippery Keyboard lift which does not let the keyboard slip.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#37bf6c”]

  • It reacts at light speed without any lag
  • It has a greater lifetime as it is electronic sealed and water-resistant
  • LED lighting lets the gamer detect the keys in the dark or dim light
  • It has a NEON GLARE system
  • It has 30% faster keystroke


[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf3737″]

  • It might be difficult for gamers to afford it


7. EWEADN- GX50 USB Keyboard For PC & Laptop

EWEADN- GX50 USB Keyboard For PC & Laptop

Now you might be shocked that why do we have a different name on our list? The answer to this confusion is because IT DESERVES TO BE!

Yes after a lot of research and reviews we have come to the conclusion that the product that we are going to discuss is worth your attention and money. Because we assure you that you will get everything you want in this single item.

No wonder, that gamers are always keen to update their gaming set up or to upgrade the gaming software. This keyboard will surely disappoint you.

[su_box title=”Key Specification” box_color=”#0066cc” title_color=”#ffffff”]

  • The brand of the keyboard is EWEADN.
  • The model number of this keyboard is GX-50.
  • The color of the keyboard is black.
  • The weight of the keyboard is 1.62 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the keyboard are 46.2× 16.6× 3 inches.
  • The shipping weight is 735 ounces.
  • It has 108 normal keys.
  • The key switch type is black mechanical.


Introducing the last keyboard on our list which is EWEADN GAMING KEYBOARD GX-50.
YES! It is the cheapest keyboard on our list for the people with the lowest budget but extreme gaming compassion. It is a good quality keyboard with Light Suspended Keypress.

It comes in black color filling your love for black game sets. It has a battery and USB connectivity. And hey! If you want this keyboard to connect with your laptops or Personal Computers (PC), then EWEADN GX-50 is a perfect match for it. Because it can be easily connected with laptops and Personal Computers.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#37bf6c”]

  • It is cheap.
  • It has USB connectivity.
  • It can be attached to a laptop and PC.
  • It has a 3 color LED Style.


[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf3737″]

  • It is not mechanical



We hope you guys will easily found the best gaming keyboard in Pakistan after reading this tested guide.

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