Jazz Daily Sms Packages

There are many jazz SMS packages available on the market today, so it’s hard to decide which one to choose. However, we’ve put together a list of the ten best jazz SMS packages for mobile users.

1 Day Daily SMS Packages

Here are the best 10 daily SMS packages for a day.

  1. Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package
  2. Jazz Apna Shehar Package
  3. Jazz Daily Hybrid Karachi Package
  4. Jazz Super F&F Package
  5. Jazz Day Bundle
  6. Jazz KPK Daily Offer
  7. Jazz Sindh Daily Offer
  8. Jazz Punjab Daily Offer
  9. Jazz Daily Sms Plus Package
  10. Jazz Daily Sms Package
Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package24 Hours (Valid for one day)1800 SMS + 10MBs for WhatsApp onlyRs. 7.2*334#
Jazz Apna Shehar PackageSame day Midnight1500 SMS + Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 100MBRs. 10*229#
Jazz Daily Hybrid Karachi PackageSame day Midnight1500 SMS + 100 MB, Unlimited On-Net MinutesRs. 10*400#
Jazz Super F&F PackageSame day MidnightUnlimited SMS + Unlimited On-Net MinutesRs. 10*141*F&F number#
Jazz Day BundleSame day Midnight300 SMS + 300 On-Net Minutes, 20MBRs. 13*340#
Jazz KPK Daily OfferSame day Midnight1500 SMS + Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 100MBRs. 14*291#
Jazz Sindh Daily OfferSame day Midnight1500 SMS + Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 250MBRs. 10*522#
Jazz Punjab Daily OfferSame day Midnight100 SMS + 100 On-Net MinutesRs. 10*6000#
Jazz Daily Sms Plus Package24 Hours (Valid for one day)150 SMSRs. 2.38*106*1#
Jazz Daily Sms Package24 Hours (Valid for one day)1200 SMSRs. 4.77
One Day SMS Packages

The jazz one-day SMS package is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. It is affordable and convenient, and it allows you to send messages anywhere in Pakistan. So why not give it a try?

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